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5 Winter Holiday Accessory Essentials

20L DRY BAG DUFFEL - KHAKI/PINK Capacity 20 Litres Durable fabric made of tough 500D PVC 2 carry handles Adjustable, removable shoulder strap Welded seams Dry Zip Sealing

Ah, winter holidays; a time for cosy moments by the fire, hot cocoa with marshmallows, or - depending on where you’ve jetted off to - sunning yourself on the beach after a nice dip in the sea. But hold on to your snowflakes, fellow adventurers. Winter holidays need just as much planning and preparation as their summery siblings. 

If you want to sleigh the season and stand out - whether on the slopes or the sun loungers - accessorise with some cool, quirky essentials for your winter escapades.


Towels that turn heads

You might think towels are just for summer beach vibes, but let’s not underestimate them. Whether you’re returning from a snowy adventure or a refreshing dip in the hot springs, you don’t want lingering dampness standing in the way of your next adventure. 


Our towels are not just any old towels; they're your cosy companions – available in vibrant shades and patterns, made from 100% recycled plastic, and super lightweight. You’ll be the envy of your holiday companions as you stride off into the sunset while they grapple with their slightly holey old bath towels. Bless ‘em. 

Stylish unisex dry bags

Snowball fights, skiing mishaps, sundown sea swims — there's always a chance of being left lugging wet kit around with you on holiday. Enter Go Emu’s waterproof dry bags - the superhero of winter escapades, and the only companion you won’t end up wishing you hadn’t brought with you (don’t tell your partner…). 

Keep your electronics, spare clothes, and festive snacks safe and dry, no matter how snowy or slushy your adventures get. Available in a range of bright neon shades, you can be sure your kit will stand out no matter where your adventures take you. 

Strut in style with a cross-body bag


For the fashion-forward winter adventurer, our cross-body bags are a must-have. Smart, stylish, and petite but generous - and no, we’re not describing ourselves - you won’t believe that something so stylish can be quite so practical. Who says you can’t have fashion and function, huh? 

Perfect for stashing essentials, with 2 secure zip compartments and waterproof internal linings, they’re so stylish they might just steal the show from the scenery. 

Running belts: stay active, stay cosy

Who says winter slows you down? Not with our running belts! Keep your hands free for snow angels or snapping Insta-worthy shots while ensuring your keys, phone, and snacks are snugly secured. You'll be dashing through the snow in style and convenience. 

Perfect for on the plane, at the gym, jogging, cycling, paddle boarding, skiing, hiking, festivals, shopping trips, and, well, everything else you can think of really. You need one. Trust us. 

Sunglasses: bringing the winter cool factor


Winter escapes are not just about snow goggles – oh, no no no. Or ho-ho-ho, depending on how festive you’re feeling. Our sunglasses aren't just an accessory; they're a statement. Protect your eyes from the reflective snow and look as cool as an ice sculpture while you're at it. Unisex, foldable, and offering 100% UV400 shade protection, they’re the perfect way to ensure you don’t end up squinting in all of your holiday snaps. Although they can’t ensure that your mum keeps her eyes open – some things are out of our control. 

Feeling inspired?

When it comes to accessorising for winter holidays, it's not just about staying warm and dry; it’s about doing it with flair! You'll be the star of the snowy show with these essentials that’ll make Frosty the Snowman want to trade in his corncob pipe for a winter towel and tote bag.

So, grab your cocoa, don your sunglasses, and get ready to jet off on your winter adventure. With these accessories by your side, your holiday adventures are bound to be snow much fun!