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The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Active Friends and Family

No matter what; big or little family, single or couple we’ve got you covered with our collection of waterproof bags. Designed to fit all, we’ll ensure nothing gets left behind or can’t be protected.

What’s that? Weather outside is frightful? Fire so delightful? Sleigh bells ringing? Dashing through the snow? Well it sounds like Christmas is nearly upon us – and you know what that means: presents.

What do you get a friend who has everything? Well, what do you get a friend who’s always running?

What in the world would Forrest Gump have wanted as a Christmas present during his 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours of running? For Jenny to come back, probably, some new shoes, and probably a Go Emu neoprene running belt in racing green. 

Here are some great gift ideas for active friends and family this Christmas.

A petite running belt

These neoprene belts offer a water-resistant, comfortable way for petite runners and kids to keep their valuables safe on the go – and even to hold essential medicines like epipens. They’re especially good for runners who need their phone bag to not flap around, but they’re also just a great way to keep your phone, card, cash, and running gels on you in a safe & convenient way when you don’t have pockets.

Cross body bags for casual funshine days

“Great cross body Fun and practical bag, love it.”  With bags of room, our compact wonder’s a gem. Expanding around what’s popped inside, it boasts: 3 x zip compartments Waterproof lining Is machine washable Comes with extendable cross body strap + has the option of an additional clutch strap

You don’t have to be pelting it everywhere to stay active. 

Often, you just want a convenient bag with enough storage for essentials (plus some non-essentials) that’ll be comfortable enough for the day. For people walking their dogs, for example, the waterproof lining of these bags and their ability to go through a washing machine makes them invaluable.

And, crucially, the balance is always between something big enough to get your daily needs in without bulking you down all day. It’s never nice spending your time feeling like you’re off to your first day of secondary school with a bag five times the size of your body.

Our neoprene cross body bags fit this bill perfectly. They’re made from entirely vegan friendly neoprene so they look great while remaining practical!

Quick-drying comfort ponchos

These towel ponchos are designed for beachgoing but serve equally well as post-rainy-walk, post-shower comfy warms. They’re made from sustainably sourced microfibre so dry super quickly and are great for the planet – just put them on a radiator before you hop in the bath or shower and you are in. for. a. treat!

They also serve as a great reminder that the Christmas chills won’t last forever… a poncho isn’t just for Christmas, but for life…

Quick-drying hair wraps

here’s been a theme on orders over the last few days. Can you guess what?  PINK, Pink & pink 😜.  Unleashing the power of pink, it seems you’ve decided to grab some essentials for the weeks ahead.

The ponchos are great for comfort but, for more active friends, our quick-drying hair wraps are the perfect gift. They get your hair easily and comfortably out of the way when it gets wet in the rain or from exercise. They’re also all made right here in the East End of London from upcycled fabric with no wastage.

And did we mention they’re quick-drying? They’ll dry in no time regardless of where they’re left – so they’re great for all ages and save on energy bills. 

Waterproof tote bags

Not just a beach babe, a true beauty that keeps giving.  Big, vegan and packs slim. She’s washable and diverse. Perfect for sport, shopping, travel and work. Even better she’ll make someone special happy.

Totes are so handy throughout the year – you get to look fly on the fly while having just enough bag space to keep new books, orange peel, bits of shopping, and assorted tissues always to hand. But, as cool as they are, the standard canvas ones promoting your local bookshop are dreadful at keeping your books dry.

They’re so absorbent, in fact, that they practically cause it to rain.

Thankfully, our Go Emu Dry Bag Totes solve this issue! They use a snazzy dry zip system to keep your peels sealed while leaving you ample space for daily use. This makes them doubly great for keeping picnics dry in wintry showers or summery splashes.

Swanky duffel bags

For those who need more practical active bags, our 20L and 40L duffel bags are perfect for everyone from hockey players to footballers, rugby players, horse riders, sailors, and general fitness fanatics. They look great, come in a variety of colours, and are made from sustainable materials!

Their size and utility also makes them great as PE bags for school or for overnight bags when your young ones go for sleepovers.

Indecisive? How about a gift card?

If you’re not sure exactly what might be appreciated, a gift card is bound to be!

You can easily buy e-gift cards on our site between £10 to £100, delivered via email so you won’t ever lose it in some unassuming drawer (that pesky ‘safekeeping’ drawer).

Be sure to capture the present-opening joy and share it with us at go_emu!