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Feast your eyes on this! Welcome to Go Emu’s treasure trove of considered accessories & clothing, styled just for you. 

We're all about adding an essential kit that'll save you time, and be practical but always make you smile by adding that pop of fun. So, whether you're trudging back to school or uni, taking on a new gym class, or simply climbing the mountain of life's daily adventures, our kit is here to make life easier and simpler. 

Need to shade those peepers in style? Be dazzled by our collection of collapsable sunnies —  as chic as they are shady. Not only are these sunnies eco-friendly (and made from 100% recycled materials, but they fold neatly down into your palm in sleek, compact style.

Whether you are a kid, or just a kid at heart, we have tees and caps for you, in a number of sizes too. Prefer to live life in the fast lane? We have new gym hand towels now in stock and quick-dry hair wraps for those among us who think waiting for their hair to dry is like watching paint dry. Check out our range of accessories and clothing today.

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  1. Neoprene Money/Running Belt - Apple