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The Ultimate Go Emu Black Friday Shopping Guide

The weather’s turned cold faster than a phone screen breaking on a pavement – right outside the phone shop! But the turning weather doesn’t mean a loss on your investment in snazzy active wear. Rather, autumn packs all the brisk joys in life: sea swims, woody walks, and holidays to somewhere a whole lot hotter.

And, look, if worst comes to worst, you could always arrange your summer clothes in some kind of altar/shrine to warmer days. 

But let’s not let it get to that, eh? Some good news is that it’s Black Friday soon and you’re bound to get some massive deals – perfect for Christmas in Cancún.

Here are some of our favourite bits.

(Photo)shoot the messenger

sidney bag, green with pink line in the middle.

These ‘Sidney’ messenger bags are hopelessly cool – super retro and with a real attention to detail, they’re eye-catching and practical. While they’re not technically dry bags, they are made from completely waterproof, non-perforated neoprene. This makes them super lightweight and perfect for protecting your tech, notebooks, and photos of Cillian Murphy from light splashes.

In short, they’re just what you need for beach or poolside lounging: big enough for a 12” laptop or books but small enough to stay portable.

What’s more, because they’re made entirely from neoprene & plant-based materials – our messenger bags are also completely vegan!

Bob(by)’s your uncle

Bobby Bags : they’re like the Swiss Army knife of bags!  Need a pencil case? ✅ Makeup bag? ✅ Safe haven for your gadget’s electrical lead? ✅ Handy pouch for sun creams?✅. These beauties do it all.  And there’s more. They’re machine washable, host a waterproof lining and flatten for easy storage. We think that’s a life essential 💥

Our ‘Bobby’ bags pack a tiny punch. They’re as waterproof as the messenger bags but come in bite size portions. These are great as washbags, travel toiletries, or for keeping phones safe at the beach. 

The variety of colours also means they’re never going to blend into the café sofas and get left behind – and there’s enough variety of colours that everyone in the family can have one (so no more punch-ups of who used whose toothbrush).

They make for wonderful gifts, too – certainly an excuse to finally get rid of those tatty old faux leather washbags.

Ample dry bags

If you’re shunning the sunny holibobs in favour of rainy hikes this autumn, these compact dry bags are a lifesaver (they’re also great for watersports like jet-skiing or canoeing).

These feature a roll-down top and welded seams (rather than sewed) so, short of leaving the bags submerged, your stuff stays dry in the biggest of downpours. And at 10L there’s plenty of room for valuables, small packed lunches, and anything else you might need on an adventure. 

When you don’t need them for storage, they won’t take up any storage themselves: they roll down to a tiny tube and weigh only 280g – so you won’t even know they’re there.

If you need more capacity, check out our 40L Dry Bag Duffels.

Running belts that stay out of the way

These running belts are perfect year-round – whether beaching in Miami or jogging the Three Peaks in January. They’re discrete and compact so your valuables are always nearby and sturdily on you (nothing worse than a phone bag flapping around while you’re trying to jog).

Sun with your sunnies

But what’s the point of having all these great active goodies for winter getaways when you can’t read your books due to the blazing sun? Or see the landscape at the top of snow-capped mountains.

That’s where our standout sunglasses come in. 

SUNGLASSES - TURQUOISE These sustainable foldable unisex sunnies offer classic style in a compact practical way.  With tortoise shell facial frames supported by folding coloured arms, they offer 100% UV400 shade protection, essential for keeping your eyes safe from the sun.  Weighing just 25g they come in a colour matched microfibre cleaning wipe and compact protection case.

With 100% UV400 protection, you keep your peepers happy while blazing through the next Richard Osman book (aren’t the Murder Club books great?) or, of course, bar-side with a vino having skied the slopes all morning.  In true Go Emu practical style, they fold up and pack down compactly to fit perfectly into a ski jacket or beach bag.

Go for fun, Go for Emu

Black Friday’s an excuse to get things at bargain prices, but we’re all about affordable access to great active wear at any time. Check out our huge range of other products via our homepage and connect with us on Instagram @Go_Emu for regular updates. 

Happy bargain hunting!